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1.     The quality or state of being physically or mentally strong.


2.     The capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.


Our inspiration, Taylor Steeves, the definition of strength. An unwavering, dutifully firm lighthouse in the storm. Taylor was the beacon that called in and welcomed all that was good into his circle. A fiercely loyal protector with a smile that could light up a room. Never to be replicated, his perfect blend of passion, empathy and humor gave him the instant ability to make anybody feel at ease. The Taylor James Steeves Foundation hopes to continue to spread the positivity Taylor imparted on us. For families finding themselves in moments of darkness that genetic forms of lung cancer can bring, look to us to help ease your journey. When the fog is heavy and the seas are rough, the ‘Taylor James Steeves Foundation’ is here to be your port in the storm.

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Sick of logging into facebook to see everybody's life sucks

Because they lost their iphone or locked their keys in their dads truck.

So much to complain about, so much worry

Tell that to the people of Joplin, Missouri.

Lifes too short to be concerned with the small things

Be thankful that the sun burns and everyday the birds sing.

Set an example for young ones teachers are preachers

And tell the kids it doesn't matter what they're wearing for sneakers

Learn from the past every breath could be your last

Live for your dreams and the ambitions you've got stashed

No one can predict how the earth shakes & rumbles

Just remain grateful and perpetually humble

Perpetually humble a poem by Taylor

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